Art Portfolio

Art, charity work, writing, kinetic puzzles and martial arts are my outlets.

The galleries below include some of the work I do: a quirky line up of tattoo style artwork and a collection of graphite and charcoal studies and illustrations.

Your comments and feedback so far mean a lot to me. The WordPress community is so supportive, please leave a link to your respective portfolios too.

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15 thoughts on “Art Portfolio

  1. I enjoy how the complexities of life you -see- in your head, then commit to paper. I also hear it in compositions, from Marcelo Zarvos (non-score works) to Dave Matthews. Personally, I have to disentangle the Gordian Knot and write on my findings.

    • Analysis is more enjoyable to me if approached with outside-the-box thinking… within a small time interval. Everything can change overnight, even my opinions sometimes. My way to conquering life is to diversify, observe and gamble my thoughts on others, see what happens. I then sometimes get nice surprises like your comment which sadly got buried under some other rubble.

  2. I would not describe them as doodles since the word somehow transpires an infantile connotation. These are very beautiful art work and of a considerable value and that makes you an artist.

    • You are absolutely right. I am making time and beefing up a portfolio and what better way than to give this page a new name: “Portfolio”. More items will be coming up soon.
      Thanks for this great comment.


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  4. These are wonderful–I especially like the way the doodles morph into animals and faces (or is it the other way around?). I’ll be back to see what you add.

    • Thanks (‘ ^-^)! There is a bit of everything on this mini-portfolio page and the morphing in the doodles is intended.
      By themselves, they lack depth yet in context they come to life a lot better. Next batch of uploads will defo have context… except for the impacting ones which speak volumes by themselves.


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