Re: On a league of their own.
Dear Visitor,

Below, I briefly describe the reasons why these men and women have made my world a better place. These are the people I will never be ashamed to name out loud. It is my belief that they have managed to remain as true to themselves as humanity would allow which, in and off itself, is an achievement to look up to.

A grateful “influencee”,

Angelina Jolie, one of the few remaining voices promoting peace and respect for Human Rights globally. She isn’t afraid of being herself and speaking her mind despite the criticism, political implications and the restrictive, even controlling, entertainment industry she “belongs” to. Mark Twain, I don’t think I’ll ever manage to fully grasp his complexity _or as I perceive it_ his light/dark sides. Read after read, a new jab on humanity will pierce the page both illuminating and overshadowing his words. A real treat when you yourself are constantly swinging from an obscure to a bright reality perspective.
Mike Myers, to say that this man saved my life isn’t a stretch. Everything about him conveys clarity of mind, curiosity, enterprise and humour. Some times, when my day gets bleak, I instinctively remember his “Wayne’s World” work and smile. His capacity to laugh at himself and his environment are unique in as much as he does so in a way that everyone can utilise in their own lives and situations. The above named movies may not be the crème’s fat of the humour genre from a critic’s perspective but, they are unique and invaluable to me, for reasons that would be too long to cover in this ever-shrinking table cell. René Adolphe Schwaller de Lubicz, he successfully grasped and was able to relay _to the exclusive few_ the science and beauty of ancient sciences and beliefs. I would never have understood this man and learnt from him had it not been for his apprentice André Vandenbroeck. In fact, Vandenbroeck’s recollections of his time with Schwaller truly bring him and his knowledge to life. I would give the right hand side of my keyboard just to be able to write like Vandenbroeck did and spend a day in the company of the above pictured Aor.
Alastair Campbell, right, at this point (1am on the 23rd September 2012) I would beg of you kind reader to ignore all typos you encounter that testify of how I should be reading much more than I do. Communication, unlike for Campbell, is not second nature to me and reading about this man _who went from fiery co-worker to press advisor to the Prime Minister_ was one of the strongest teachings on communication I could ever have hoped for. Joseph Maréchal, testifying to the wisdom and reach of his “Company” he provided an understanding of Catholic faith that shaped the way I perceive God and belief, since my early teens. If you have ever had doubts about religion, particularly Catholicism, give this man’s works and the analysis on them a read. He explains, in more ways than one, the reason why religion exists and the importance of compassion and self-reflection. The latter then becomes, in many ways, as crucial to our existence as clean air.

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