I’m the gal on the artsy-fartsy pic to the left.
Since 1998, I’ve crafted (self-taught) my sites and Blogs as a hobby. As of today, that translates into 16 years worth of posts and pixelated content in countless CDs (yes, “CDs”) and USB keys.

My online presence (AMAVergara, Alyx or Alex^-^) and database hosting are now entirely free (which you couldn’t have dreamt of in the late 80’s and 90’s). You’re welcome to browse this site and links to other free sites if you wish to find out more about me.

This blog reflects my online presence which in turns reflects my lessons-learned. To me, Life is not about the purpose, the gain, the quality or the quantity: it’s about temperance and persistence.

Now I only need to put into practice/absorb my own quote above and we’re good to go.


36 thoughts on “About

    • Well done on publishing the book and great feedback strategy. I would jump at the offer if I wasn’t already struggling to manage my time.

      Look forward to revisiting your blog to see well deserved praise for your book’s topic.


    • As a Londoner, and inquisitive civilian, I found your aims and research background inspirational.

      Hope that the project proposal for the Sayes Court garden restoration goes ahead. It takes a lot of drive and personal effort to bring together communities into restoring or improving an environment.

      Would be great to see posts about your Tibetan texts translations too. If there is anything published somewhere please do send me a link.

      Thanks for the inspiration to “stick to my objectives” and get back to my own fields of research.


    • Thanks (^-^’)! I do want to upload more of my pics of nature… I’m concious of the amount of space they take in free hosted sites though! Thanks for commenting!

  1. Thank you for your recent visit to my blog. I’ve enjoyed visiting yours and will be following along with new posts. Keep writing! :)

  2. Thank you for following my blog and I am looking forward to reading more of yours. I feel that without a higher purpose the attributes of temperance and persistence would have less value. For, it is when I am reminded to serve others selflessly that I require temperance to restrain my selfish considerations and persistence to continue selfless service.

    • Hey there, very insightful and beautiful comment (^-^’) and integrating the higher purpose of societal living: serving others.
      For me, temperance and persistence is most directed at myself, hehe. Well, we’ll get there eventually.
      I cannot find your blog address anymore for some reason. I can see your gravatar but not the blog address. If you see this please let me know and I’ll update my follow!
      Thanks again for the beautiful comment!

  3. Hola Alyx, I really enjoyed reading your posts on your blog. You are a very good writer – could be a journalist. I noticed you said that you come from Spain. He estudiado el espanol a la Universidad hace muchos anos. He ido en Espana en 1975. Me gusta mucho el baile espanol y la musica tambien. Sorry I don’t have any accents on the words. Muchos besos Anne

    • Wasn’t expecting that, it reads practically native! Thanks for your comments and looking forward to your posts too (^-^ )!

    • Hi Mary, no probs and likewise. I’m relatively new to this so please bear with me (^-^ ‘). Looking forward to your lifestyle and wedding planning posts! Best, Alex

    • Hey Winloseordraw (‘ ^-^), no probs, the “tree-of-melted-wax-on-heated-paper” piece is my fave so far. Love your blog/portfolio!

  4. Thank you so much for choosing to follow my blog! And for directing me over to yours. I enjoyed reading what you are about, and especially love ‘Life is not about the purpose, the gain, the quality or the quantity: it’s about temperance and persistance.’ That is so wise and true!

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