Edit: Not sure that my message in this post comes across right because the site I wrote it for never approved it in their comments section. No empty praise and pandering may have also played a part.

It did make sense to me however and I enjoyed the realisation, or thought process, that I tried to hastily put into words too. 

I archive this here, exactly as I wrote it in the spur of the moment, for others to read and to revisit the “feeling” that I sealed in it. However clumsily.


Seconds before Eugene Burger said “too much voltage in the wires” in this interview ( 10:11) the lights in my flat dimed. I know why this happens in city homes during the early hours before dawn and the topic of conversation had no particular link to the wondrous experience of magic from a sitter’s perspective when he said it, but this didn’t stop me from blocking all that out and enjoying the possibility that something more profound and mysterious was at play. This escapism, or suspension of rationalisation in favour of enjoying the possibility that the magic is real, sparks feelings of wonder, joy, hope and courage to a point where a reversal in mood and attitude happens. Real life’s concerns and self-fabricated problems or impediments go away for a bit, and a transformation opportunity happens that is as realisable as we allow it to be.
When a magician does a trick, he gifts this same opportunity to see the bigger picture and look beyond impediments. I think that is a beautiful thing. To replicate the magic of (or impact and meaning associated with) syncronicity and impossibility, is to give a way out of the shackles of diminished foresight.

What a beautiful profession and what unassuming, endearing and inspiring people it has produced that touch the veil between the reality we perceive and the eternal complexity that weaved it.


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