You tell yourself you can’t draw but it all depends on what you think art is


You see the Pinterest and Instagram art posts that replicate or enhance reality in ways you know you wouldn’t be capable of. The greatest deterrent for many to take up art is not the lack of experience, it’s the involuntarily communicated idea that art is only within reach of those with unparalleled skills, knowledge and technique. We “Like” on social media everything that either looks good or has been developed to perfection. We like the “result” but fail to value and acknowledge the “process”. Our culture of misperceived “scarcity” and “entitlement” tells us the “process” doesn’t look good in pictures. The output of the “process” is weak, unworthy of a like or a retweet (unless we have a duty or emotional connection to it).

But the process, the growing skillset, is what makes art (or the capacity to accurately represent reality and thoughts exactly as we perceive them) unique, interesting and truly evolutionary. In fact, I’d go as far as to share that to me art is actually “the effort to get there” not the “end result”.

I love the Youtube vids that show progress over the years because in most cases, paying close attention, we can spot idiosyncrasies in the plasmic efforts of latter pieces that were present all along. These are “kinks” in the pieces, asymmetry that the unconscious can’t brush off easily because it is its way to “tell” us something.

Those that are schooled en masse (as opposed to “well”) in the arts, lose those idiosyncrasies and produce the same, barcode stamped, result we are accustomed to find pleasing.

Good galleries have the sort of art that was developed through a process that did not erase the individual. Making every piece unique.

I will endeavour to like and share more of what is “not quite there yet” but which betrays a personality, an individuality that can’t be replicated by anyone.


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