David Low – Caricatures Collection

Do you like antique prints or are you a vintage prints collector? I am about to put up for sale a folder of original prints of caricatures by David Low dating back to 1926. The folder and prints are 91 years old.

In a famous Soho second-hand book shop, I recently came across a folder of caricature prints by cartoonist David Low.

I thought of selling the prints separately but in hindsight, I can’t.

The folder is a collection of original prints dating back to 16 January 1926.
At every issue of the New Statesman, someone made the conscious decision  to go buy it and preserve the issue’s special supplement (one print per issue). They continued doing so for 7 years, till December 1933, gathering the supplements in a special folder. This must have been a priced collection.

The sale price I am thinking of is well below what selected vintage book shops are selling the few remaining plates for, individually. I am thinking of £35 or slightly above to break even. Ideally the buyer will be someone who will want to keep the complete folder (!). A collector perhaps? Each print goes from £7.99 to as much as £25, depending on the rarity and personality caricatured.

The 30+ prints in the folder include elegant, expertly drawn figures, including those of Churchill, Wells, Chesterton and Einstein.

I’ll upload the sale link here as soon as I can decide which channel is best. (I thought of trying the National Portrait Gallery too before hand).

Do let me know if you are interested in knowing more.






3 thoughts on “David Low – Caricatures Collection

  1. I love this stuff. Every notable person has something that distinguishes them from the masses. Leave it to thee guys to spot it and make a living off it.

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