Time is not an issue for ‘Fine Bouche’

As personal blogs go this one isn’t toning down the egocentrism and as such, today’s post is all about me. Or at least all about something I like. I think I’ve already babbled about my first degree in Graphic Design and my appreciation for genius creative ideas. This post celebrates one of those happy miracles giving seasoned designers a reason to live.


The hard-back book in the video and pictures is a second-hand marvel. The happy produce of design mating with time. The cover is made of fabric, a finely weaved tinted fabric. It was initially meant to be purple from head to toe, just like the pages, but something happened with time. A daily dose of Sun and Moon light weakened the fabric’s tincture around the edges and spine of the book, producing a perfectly graded shift from purple to light pink. Some of the purple held onto the fabric’s weave adding metallic sprinkles among the pink. The effect is so beautiful to look at the digital camera had trouble capturing it.

The gilded serif lettering complements the sprinkles and pink-to-purple transition.


If a designer had wanted to achieve the same effect with bleach or other chemicals, the book would have looked as good with extreme difficulty and too much by way of investment.

A beautiful effect to appreciate.

The detail in the pages (colour, texture and the typeface effects) are also worth a close look.

Do you have any book covers you love? Care to share?

P.S: Sorry about the lame music in the video… does nothing for ‘Fine Bouche’s good taste.


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