Courage has always been a vital part of human life. Raw courage would have been a vital part of our ancertors’ lives as they survived illness, adverse weather and their environment on a steady diet of social ties, food and courage.

Modern life seems to want to obliterate courage by calling it risk. Nowadays, to have the courage to enjoy the basic freedom of speech is sometimes considered conflictive or mindless bravery.

Courage is not dwindling because humans are any more tyrannical and cruel than ever before. It is disappearing because of the self-complacency and laziness comfort bred in the first world. A fact that has happened before and will continue to occur.

From an individual’s perspective, to cleverly and tactfully enjoy courage is to fulfill a basic human life requirement. Particularly when an environment doesn’t fulfill us anymore.

This post ties in with my 31 July post on Tradition (such as education and beliefs) as a means to anchor us when undergoing a time of transition and change. That is, when invoking courage.


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