When anyone in developed economies talks about “luck”, you know they’re about to tell you what you want to hear. Either as “you will receive what you want” or “Luck is what you get when you change your mindset”… both are as exploitative as they are deluded.

There’s no such thing as “luck” as there are “circumstances”. The more we broaden our horizon, the better we’ll understand what is, naturally, a good situation to be in, and its range of associated risks. That range is what gives us an idea of what we could expect (at various likelyhood degrees) and, only an idea, of how ready we might be to deal with it.

The concept of First World “luck” is a narrow-minded generalisation that middle to upper class, comfortably self-sufficient and indulgent (let’s call them) greeks, like to charge ticket or book money to discuss.

I hoped never to write this but this isn’t the time to look “closer to home” to make life decisions. “Luck” is an obsolete word when Employment and Quality of Life indicators are shifting and varying so drastically, internationally.

Anyone that tries to SELL us the concept of luck is simply looking out for himself.

This is a thought nugget post that tells you the harsh reality that “feeling lucky” and “alternative perspectives on life” will never be antidotes to random, uncontrollable events. Teaching how to be materialy ready to face these extreme eventualities would be a much kinder approach.


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