Russell Brand & the “Memini Meminisse” Stone

He is brash and unkept but recently made up for the postponed grooming by using his fame to give people a voice.

What’s more encouraging is that we picked up on it and welcomed the opportunity to be heard, for a change.

A welcome change given the Assads, Cyruses, Biebers, investment financiers and philosophy fanatics shoving their intoxicating voices down our ears.

Other than the slightly misguided “Don’t vote” message that is easily replaced with a #VOTE #Smart one, the content of what he said was a welcome breath of fresh air.

[Here is a link with a list of all UK political parties to vote for.]

We learn not to expect too much from celebs and I am sure Brand will eventually remind us of this. nonetheless, he steered the conversation along the left direction for us to pick up the pace. After all, change (or revolution) is in the hands of the many, not his… (thank ****).

The New Statesman
I would have liked to memorise their “About us” as it was before they enlisted Brand to lead-edit this week’s issue.

The magazine this week reads phenomenal but I do hope that it’ll be getting back to its “objective left wing focus”, tuning down the “entertaining” factor in favour of its well established “observational wit”.

Russell Brand & the “Memini Meminisse” Stone
There was something in the interview with Jeremy Paxman that was worth much more than the topic of revolution and the magazine’s marketing campaign.

First, there was Brand’s unplanned and dramatic “turn to face the camera” expression at the very beginning of the interview. There was a resolute intensity there that was remarkable and set an “I mean business” tone he quickly moderated with his trademark humour.

Far from antagonising, Paxman was grounded and as supportive as the situation allowed him to be.
Despite that, Brand did a “1,000,000 birds with one stone” visit to Paxman’s memory lane and personal experience that nailed the presenter _and all listeners_ to the floor.

The message  of “personal involvement” that is necessary if we want to change and evolve came through loud and clear. Do observe this here, it was a priceless interaction overshadowed by the hype over the “revolution” bit.

Until I learn of what Brand does next that will make me want to eat my words, I plan on enjoying the much welcome respect he has shown his audience and everyone searching for empathy and help in a “first” world of indifference and gross economic disparity.

Thanks Russell, for now.


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