We say written communication lacks strenght and that 75% of the intended meaning gets lost in the exchange. Some however, of which me, believe the wording, grammar, format, tone can tell us so much about the author. About their childhood, their character, their social class (inherited or earned), their desires, even their prospects.

There is an “averaged” writing style that is designed to softly hit all the right notes with a high percentange of readers. I know this perfected style exists because I have read it. And the style happened to be a direct reflection of the author. An unassuming, peaceful and empathic vessel that could make angry lions lie down with a smile.

Good writing, the kind that benefits its readers, depends a lot on the strenght and gentle mental balance of the author I think.

My goal, my wish, is to reach that harmonious me that can mix robust grammar and kind words with clear wit to make fulfilling reads.

To our goals,


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