Hollywoodian Fame

We are strongly encouraged to perceive modern idols as perfect human beings so, when their actions are contrary to what we expect them to be, we become disappointed.
We are oblivious to the fact that they carry rubbery personae around with them to fit the latest fashionable mold, to increase their popularity and pay-cheques. We forget that under all that plastic, there are intricate human beings, very different from whom we imagine them to be.

If we were to meet their closest friends, they’d tell us about their mood swings, bad-hair days, idiosyncrasies, unspoken tastes. Their natural way of approaching strangers… if at all natural to them.

Maybe “hollywoodian fame” as we have known it for decades, is really a dehumanising insult designed to force the famous to write cryptic autobiographies that conceal their real selves between Photoshoped lines.

Maybe we should give fabricated fame a little rest.


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