The social media paradigm: Twitter


Contrary to form, I believe a schism with identity is a positive, affirming and enriching social media option. Mostly, because Twitter does not force or manipulate its users into behaving one way or the other. What each user does is of his/her own accord. Twitter remains at all times an impartial, seamless platform.

Most people think negatively of this “lack of identification” option but I think they are conditioned to think that way. We are constantly told of the eeeeviiiiils of deindividuation yet we’re never encouraged to examine the platforms, or situations, in which said evils commonly occur.

Twitter’s interactive platform _unlike radio, TV or oftentimes YouTube_ does not manipulate in any way (intentionally or otherwise), the behaviours or choices of its users. For instance, by posting content that awakes primal reactions or by using peer-pressure within a carefully selected audience. [#1]

I believe bullying on Twitter is minimal compared to its number of users and generally limited to the “compulsory bullying few”.

Twitter is a growth and affirmation platform in which users can express and “normalise” themselves (their feelings, creative side or share their photos) in an environment they can manipulate at will (delete an account, change Id, mute/block the very few bad apples).

Just a thought, @AMAVergara.

[#1]: Which begs the question: is deindividuation a bad thing? Or simply a misunderstood, demonised state of being?


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