Lucilius writes back…


They’re still buying it. Looking beyond today and into future generations, I am certain they still will. There is no greater pleasure for a virtuous man than to correspond with a fictitious one possessing but one virtue: patience. You make me look good. Nothing builds more credibility than a critical man of science that doesn’t write back with caustic or sceptic appraisal.

On the topic of lies. Lies have no real substance, they are transparent only to those with thick enough brains and large enough eyes to see. The type that are busy examining topics other than happiness, virtue and fulfilment. If I wasn’t in some measure a man of virtue, I would bet that posterity will forever treat us kindly. Also, like posterity, virtue rewards the man that doesn’t elevate himself. She has never had beef with those that authored their character and image by means of external agents. Pretence accomplishes nothing. One must get others to do the elevating. I’m certain neither virtue nor posterity will mind my little ploy too much.

I’m sorry I made you a dimmer light by my side, my little firefly. It had to be done. Men of virtue share, men of virtue teach. Men of virtue are never questioned.

Farewell. No remorse.
Lucius (Lucilius for short).

Image Source: “Seneca” by Albert Irvin, 1979 lyrical abstraction.


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