Words of Bliss

“Rumi – Words of Paradise” took me by surprise. It is a valued collection of poems written by Jalaluddin Rumi 700 years ago. Can I not spoil it for you, please, and let you read and comment on the two selected poems that follow?

DIVAN 2313

Now that your soul has entered my all-too-present flesh
And made with it a soul in kind,
Your each embarking thought,
The breathing swing and sway of your every movement
makes an impression on the wax of my surrendering will.
My mind is but a pillow
Indented by the flow of your passing thoughts.
My newly-moulded soul is alight with
Your pulsing grace, your secret deceptions
Have transformed dead stone to fire.
Each new day is a slow beginning,
New lamentations rise
From the reed of my longing for your lip;
Your loving candour strokes the mouth of the reed
With a sweet languishing refrain.
My soul imitates and installs
Your moon’s soft light in your chambers.
I mould myself to fit your form
Like a belt for the waist, even when
Your eye has tethered me angry scowls
Turning me this way and that until
My distracted heart jumps out of itself.

*”[…] my all-too-present flesh”… Hahaha!

DIVAN 1559

Again with burning lips I swore
An oath in last night’s heart,
I confess with a sigh again I swore
An oath on my ruby blood.
I swore that I would fix
My longing gaze in your kind smile.
I swore that I would not flinch
Even if you struck me with a blade,
My faith in you is green and strong
It would rise again unscathed. I suffer,
My heart is torn from your breast
Which none can cure but you.
You may wilfully cast me into fire
But I am an ingot glowing for you.
I swear I am dust, dry powder
Rising from your path, as hapless atom,
A circling world held by your gravity
I turn and turn in your wake.

HAWT isn’t it? Share, Google these and other Rumi poems with loved ones. Best poems I’ve read to date.


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