Illustrating Short Stories

These drawings are the product of my rediscovery of… (wait for it…): the pencil.

I hope to illustrate the insults to literature I call “my short stories” with these illustrations and a few more concept pieces.

Notice the naïve feel, the weak-ish perspective, the limited gradients of grey… Still, there is an innocence and simplicity in most of these that I adore. I think these drawings _and the purposefully more mature ones_ will work well with the stories and abstract concepts I intoxicate your minds with.

Pics will be uploaded shortly to the portfolio section of “Yours’ Truly’s” blog.

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P.S.: System of a Down’s “Roulette” & “Streamline” songs from “Steal this album” These songs capture how we may get to feel about the people that fail us. There is always someone. Serj Tankian is a genius. *The link is an UK Amazon plug.*


7 thoughts on “Illustrating Short Stories

  1. If your short stories is an insult to literature, I guess the other things I am reading around the blog is an assault to literature!
    Must admire your pencil, not only it writes well, it sketches well too!

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