Heart Beats

HeartIn the age of readily available sound and image, the question: “What is your favourite song?” loses all its charm. There is so much music we can reference that having to choose a favourite almost makes all choices lose their value.
Facing this question today, I instinctively “went back to basics”. What is the sound I rate as king among all others?
A heart beat.
The first sound we hear, the sound we carry with us, the sound of those we love. Those we get close enough to.

I find I answer most difficult questions by going back to basics. Specially since I am one of those “born and grown” in the Age of Information.

Basics draw upon clean slates and provide more information than the global info network ever could, in my opinion. They remind us of our context and independence in an age when we are constantly being moved into paying attention to “something” else.


2 thoughts on “Heart Beats

  1. My wife recorded the sound when my elder one said “Daddy” for the first time, She presented me that sound in a talking picture frame with my Son’s picture in it on a father’s day. More than a decade & I still find that sound more soothing than any other sound!!

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