Social Media: an experience.

What are your experiences and thoughts on online social media?
In this post, I focused on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to keep it short and sweet.

Twitter: Two years worth of tweeting reveals the platform as a “social media market” where users sell themselves or their products, cheap. With the exception of activism accounts, I don’t think it is a platform for social growth.

If you have acute observation skills, you’ll be able to spot the true nature of those that lavishly live off their face and “talent”. The efforts celebrities make to advertise their virtues point exactly to what they wish to conceal, as well as how out of touch they truly are with the lives of those that support them.

This is also true for those that you know personally, or even yourself. The more the user tries to disguise the truth, the more his tweets reveal what he wishes to conceal. There’s something to the 140 characters limit and implied fast-pace that forces tweeters to use words already on their minds. Inevitably publishing their existing true feelings and thoughts, regardless of the message originally intended.

Facebook: I only managed to use Facebook for circa 7 months. The amount of information I was compelled to upload, via peer pressure, struck me as excessive. In my opinion, Facebook is a Hollywoodian utopia where real identities are diluted into impossibly embellished realities.

LinkedIn, is a bit fairer to reality. It works as a “peer reviewed” career profile and does have a strong emphasis on social growth, as users use it to develop career plans, exchange ideas and debate innovative ideas. Also, LinkedIn accounts are genuine. Twitter and Facebook are riddled with fake accounts, for sale, used to beef up the user’s popularity. I equate it to printing fake money in either currency: “Followers” or “Friends”.

Would love to read your thoughts on these, or other, social networking platforms.


6 thoughts on “Social Media: an experience.

  1. I’m not a massive fan of social media at all. I love blogging because it seems a much purer form of communication than the others you have mentioned, a lot more human and requiring more thought and feeling.

    • I think you are absolutely right. Facebook was a defo no-no and I am thinking Twitter is only a “market” platform where I can sell drawings, articles, a book… Nothing else. Most call all of these “social media” but it is true that the “social”, “human” aspect is barely there in most cases.

      Blogging and LinkedIn work for me. I think LinkedIn does have some strenghts.

      Thanks for posting :)!

      P.S: I think your blog is defo a great example of proper social media: Thanks again for your comment.

    • You made my point.

      There is a consensus that what people write in their profiles has to be true. When, in fact ,many psychological factors and personal objectives make it impossible for all they write to be truthful.

      Sometimes, what some write in their comments is so obviously contrived that it is difficult not to laugh.

      Give the post another read, it might make more sense under this new light. If not, don’t worry. This is a simple post for thoughts ion the topic nstead of feedback on my writing style.

      Hope that made some sense.
      Best, A.

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