Calling all London’s “Fashionistas”!

It escapes us, Eurozone nationals, how to make the weather match our outfits in London. This is a tale (of about 300 words, don’t despair) of how Londoners astoundingly manage to accessorise the weather with their outfits at all hours of the day. By way of background (and possibly today’s forecast) these UK days may well switch from hail, to drizzle, to heavy snow, to sunshine in a matter of minutes.

It all starts in the morning with woolly looking fleeces and ends in Gucci T-Shirts, short kilts and knee-length plastic boots. Londoners’ dress sense knows no parallel! I’m from the parliamentary monarchy of Spain, you see, and as a rule we can tell what the weather will be like in chunks of 2 to 3 weeks. The UK, on the other hand, allows 2 to 3 half-hour predictability windows. This, in and of itself, constitutes a daily challenge and affords flawless “catwalks of shame” as we stroll along the crowded streets in our morning outfits no longer matching the afternoon’s caressing gale.

We’ve tried umbrellas, fluorescent waterproof over-alls, and the new alternative: “snoods”. We’ve tried it all yet still somehow get it wrong.

The only way around this, it seems, is to change the weather to match our gear. Apparently, some multinational conglomerates are managing to do just that yet until then, we will remain confused, heads held way low “by rain and shame” and the weightiness of the Euro.


12 thoughts on “Calling all London’s “Fashionistas”!

  1. I live in Scotland and split my time between Edinburgh and Glasgow. It may be sunny in one city by down-pouring in the other! Sadly I left my trusty umbrella in a shop a couple of weeks ago, so my waterproof trench coat will have to do.

  2. It does make days more fun, this weather unpredictability (^-^ ‘)! Except when wearing daring heels or a silk dress! I’m now permanently weaponised with a long suit black jacket and a foldable umbrella…

  3. I lived in England (Oxfordshire) and know this all too well! I remember trying to sunbathe in the summer…dashing out for the sun for ten or fifteen minutes and then covering up for a chill when the clouds rolled in again. But there was also something endearing about the unpredictability of the weather. I love your reflection here, so brightly and interestingly written.

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