The Morning of the Magicians

Book Morning of the MagiciansA recommended classic… This is Life seen from a “Fantastic Realism” perspective: Life interpreted, not by means of the exotic or the bizarre, but rather by means of a blank-canvassed imaginative mind. That is, the mind without prejudice which only looks at the facts and takes no notice of thoughts or ideas inculcated by Society or by experience. The book is not about escaping reality but rather about new ways of interpreting it. Interpretations which could even account for the deepest of existentialist questions.
From this perspective, the authors put on paper different readings of what has happened in the past and what may lie ahead. Notably, a perfected human race, of which some specimens are said to be already amongst us.
For the curious and practical mind, the authors propose forgotten or rather ignored sources of information and research. One of these sources is alchemy. A science which is believed to have reached a great understanding of Nature and its powers.

This book, to me, was a starting platform. Facts and myths intermingle to form an account of a trip to the unexplored realms of consciousness. If anything, you’ll find here a source of ideas to think about and “investigate” further, always with an open mind. Or at the least with as unprejudiced a mind as possible. I have to say that, although no interpretation is imposed upon us some may seem difficult to process.

The index shows carefully structured and entitled chapters making the browsing easier. The authors even propose to choose whatever destination we fancy. Chapters may be read unordered although some could probably awake curiosity about the previous one.

I certainly don’t regret having read it, I regret the authors didn’t later publish further explorations of their assumptions. Actually, they sort of leave it to us to explore and draw our very own conclusions. We are asked to believe…in us.

This book was first published in French in the 1960’s by Editions Gallimard.


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