Health Risks of Cities & Pot

Harm of drugs harm and mean dependence
This is of interest to you, me and everyone living in cities.

Kind readers, please do stand by for a faithful-as-feasibly-possible summary of tonight’s talk by Professor Robin Murray (knighted in 2011 for his services to medicine).
Paraphrasing the University of Westminster (Regent Street, London) event organisers:

“Prof Murray will discuss his life’s work trying to understand schizophrenia and the health risks of smoking cannabis, based on his scientific research and experience working at the Maudsley Hospital in South London.”

I wonder if his take on the health risks of smoking cannabis will agree with Wikipedia’s infographic copied here.

Sources: Pic from Event page: .

Initially published on: Oct 25, 2012 @ 22:35


4 thoughts on “Health Risks of Cities & Pot

  1. Hmm. So, what was said? Enquiring minds and all that. Looking at that wiki-graphic I don’t think I agree with the placement of those bubbles. But the area is of interest.

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