Out of Kilter

So out of kilter my gravitational centre is somewhere over my left shoulder, and my brains are pouring out of my right knee. Do you relate?

  • We abandon priorities because the rewards are too far away to appreciate.
  • We might eat something when all we are is thirsty.
  • We seek protection by hiding inner truths.
  • We use acronyms and management speak.
  • We allow entertainers to tell us lies that shape our future.
  • We take others at face value knowing fully well we’re staring at their arse.

All of the above leave us confused and out of kilter.

We are left searching for one’s identical counterpart in order to have a go at them in the manner we wish someone else would.

  • To put them back in balance because we know they have lost their North.
  • To tell them what we know we need to hear.

2 thoughts on “Out of Kilter

  1. Hi Arpan, true. Very true.

    There is also the argument whereby we “choose to turn our heads away” more easily when we don’t have a clear understanding of the consequences of something “wrong”. That is, when there is noone to bring our suspicions to the fore.

    Education, discernment and self-awareness are rare.


  2. Interesting! I myself wrote about this topic some time back (URL: http://wp.me/p2I8ov-1y), albeit on a different issue. We, as human beings are susceptible to something called “Wilful Blindness”, in which we “know” that something is wrong, yet we choose to turn our heads away from it.

    Personally, I think we are all a part of the system, and should it crumble, we are as much responsible for it, as the major players.

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