Dropplet Post #1

I was amazed by all the sweet comments and positive messages from fellow bloggers and net surfers. I hope my _rather avant garde/unique_ opinions on different topics somehow echo yours too.

There is nothing more comforting than finding people that share our opinions. Particularly when, put under the test, our opinions are not shared by the majority.

As Mark Twain would have put it: new ideas are never recognised until proven true. Sharing them will help pass the time until then (‘^-^).

It means a lot to me to find the diverse opinions fellow bloggers post. If you have something to share I’d love to read it. Please post a link here and I would love to contribute a dropplet to the sea of unique “food for thought” material out there. Particularly if they are presented in a way that isn’t invasive and impossing. No more prime time TV opinions for yours truly.

* Pic comes from: http://ionandreipuican.blogspot.co.uk/2010/04/drops-lyrics-meant-for-song.html which has a lovely poem meant for a song.

P.S.: I have just had a 2 hour blogroll around opinion blogs and couldn’t comment as much as I would have liked to. Lovely posts and insighful comments and opinion all round. I feel that much lighter when I read these: the world isn’t as dark a place. THANK YOU.


2 thoughts on “Dropplet Post #1

  1. I live in Vancouver where there is a lot of rain in the winter. I always remember that even though we have rain, somewhere in the world there is sunshine. Actually I call our rain – liquid sunshine. I agree the world has a lot of light and warmth…

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