Experimental Mind Plug

Synopsis: How could I embed mini flash animations within text so they pop-up as bubbles on mouseover? Any ideas?

The Blah: Since the 90’s _when images were easily embedded into web pages by toddlers_ the idea of inserting video into text was very attractive. The evolution of animated emoticons and hosted fast-stream videos morphed the “text-video mix” into something else. Something whereby emotions could be shown via neurotic looking swarms of smilies or, whereby text would be directly translated into images and posted as an “all-in-one” movie.

Despite the convenience and widespreadness of the above, I believe the text-intertwined-with-bubbles-of-fast-streaming-video-playing-the-writer’s-thought-process-as-the-reader-scrolls-over-the-text is still a good idea lacking exploration.

It would have been evident to code this in the blog I used to host. Same when it was hosted remotely, but it is now difficult to implement within uber-protective “WordPress.com” _unless you’re MIT bred, of course. Nonetheless, the idea of mind-plug-posts has been festering in my mind for a while now, so…

Like a satisfying burp credits a good ale I’m gonna give it a go by somehow writing ideas randomly intercut with attention-grabbing sounds and video the way they play in my head.

Not sure if this is the case for everyone but I tend to think in pictures or at least, little strings of video/music and life-scenes pop into my mind uninvited as I speak, think or feel. These inserts express what I mean a lot better than words do. They’re more “nuanced”, rich, and unequivocal (to me).

This code is a “tweak” embedding a free flash animation. Now I just need to turn it into bubbles that pop-up as the cursor hovers over the text. From what I’m reading it’s difficult to impossible to code in “WordPress.com” or in a different page to then use iframes. Despite the pop-up blockers and above-mentionned restrictions, if you do know of a way, or know of someone that might know of a way… please let me know :*

If I was able to plug-my-mind-to-yours-via-a-Wordpress-post, your world would……. still spin in the same direction and at the same speed, but you just wouldn’t be on it.


2 thoughts on “Experimental Mind Plug

  1. Hiya! Thanks :), this is one of the features of this theme, which is great. There are tons of copyright-free images where I got these, I’ve credited at the bottom of the page.

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