A Life of Fame

Addendum: In discussion _and coincidentally seen with my own eyes today_ it was explained to me how sometimes celebrities do indeed get “extraordinary” aggro. I am sure they also have heaps of support and the means to fund coaching/image assessors to deal with it. This is such an overblown, vapid and inconsecuencial topic. Please, do treat it as such.

You would think years of getting to know people would change this but nah, it’s still manageable to get disappointed over nothing. I hope this micro post does carry some truth about “consistency” and the responsibility of fame.

This post came about as a celebrity shared on Twitter how his fans were a bit too much. The fans that pay, time and money, to follow him. It was sadly very disappointing to read.

How is it that some celebrities can plunk (willing) contestants into tremendously uncomfortable situations to then complain that fans are a bit too much sometimes? You will get a bit of everything if you are on prime time TV day-in and day-out… *Does that really surprise anyone?*

The average Joe puts up everyday with competition and people being nasty, yet some celebrities can’t handle their fans (or otherwise)?

You can’t keep/store/have your cake and eat it.”

If VIP statusdom becomes too much, then please relinquish it, please (‘ ¬_¬)? I said “Please”!

It is fans that fund living standards well above the norm so there will be some aggro with that. It’s inevitable. If someone doesn’t want the aggro that comes with riches and fame, there are plenty of us here willing to gladly take the lot of it.


2 thoughts on “A Life of Fame

  1. Hey, it is a difficult topic to discuss.

    Was funny to see your comments prop up from post to post : ). Like a WordPress ninja! Thanks for stopping by, checking out your blog now.

  2. My wise old grandmother taught me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, to keep my mouth shut. With that, I’m moving on from this post because I don’t want to get started. lol

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