8Tracks Music Player

Hoping to embed this into the sidebar… Sidebar being in WordPress.com I’ll be lucky to get it to fit without upgrading. Plwargh plwargh (‘ >~<)! Triple plwargh! (~”~ ; )!


3 thoughts on “8Tracks Music Player

  1. Hey John : ), loved your blog and cheers for stopping by.

    If you believe I was actually trying to figure out how to take this picture when the flash suddenly lit up : )! I bet under this new light my “longing” expression takes a whole new meaning, haha. More like a “What the…? How does this wo…o_O’? Ah.” kind of expression. The kind of magic genius that got Pasteur to rediscover Penicillin: observant surprise.

    Shall be looking forward to your new posts!


  2. Alyx,

    You have the soul of an artist, the creativity of a musician, and a face that seems to show intense longing in this photo. Whatever you call it…it feels like magic!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and I’m hoping to see more of your amazing photography accompanied by some writing of your own soon.

    Warm regards….John H.

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