Organic live-info browsing

Subjective, online information should be intravenously fed in bits of 140 globules non-stop. Until this becomes a reality (and affordable), my fave information browsing style is customizable, live, visual, self-updating, stereo, HD and technicolour, whatever technicolour means.

Live data visualization online is the alternative to browsing “flat” information long since outdated by minutes. The below are quality-tested links that follow the “live-data infographic” browsing style based on data that most designers now passionately dislike: Social Media data*.

How to use: Click on the link below and use [ @account ] as the so called “Tweep” term to visualize the user’s followers and their proportional “TwittInfluence” or “TwittStatus” (to call it something). This is, in other words, their “potential” in divulging whatever Twitter rubbish you throw at them.






Twitter Map
How to use: In the link below type in a search term and watch where the results are being sent from, on a live Google map.





Tori’s Eye
How to use: Type in a topic or [ @account ] and watch an animated origami remake of Hitchcock’s “The Birds” every time your famous user account tweets something.






How to use: MentionMapp is like playing with Blue Tack online only without the stickiness. You’ll need a Twitter account and run a term or account search. The resulting graph’s physics are elastic, 3Dimensional, entertaining and addictive.




* If I understand this right (and I am happy to be corrected), Social Media sites are the data hubs of choice because:
•    Of the limitless amount of new information provided.
•    Data that is easily modelled.
•    The fact that most information has some interest or other, or is easily dismissed.


One thought on “Organic live-info browsing

  1. I must be a simpleton because I’m unfamiliar with any of that. lol

    Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as clean as when I arrived.

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