Thor & the will to survive.

Persistence, endurance and as per the “Eye of the Tiger“: the will to survive…

We’re great at falling and getting up; I never actually realised how important every attempt at getting up was. It took my greatest mentor so far to understand.

Our labrador/alsacian inherited the best and worst from his mum and dad, yet despite the dysplasia operations and countless visits to the vet, his attitude is always conquering, daring, friendly and undefeated. As if he was just grateful to get an opportunity “to give it a go”, whatever the result.

I see most of us go through hell daily yet it took seeing the same “will to survive without a specific purpose” in Thor to understand that this attitude is really what preserves and fulfills us. The “must have” for the “gene”.

(‘ -_-) I realise I’ve probably not done this canine hermetic-teaching justice. I suppose it’s one of those wisdoms one has to experience by themselves.

Regardless, this grateful blogger thinks the “winning and excelling” is unimportant in the big scheme of things since whatever is achieved is only relevant within a specific and constrained benchmark: economic scarcity
She also believes overpopulation will bring about a re-think of our “life’s aims & objectives”, perhaps for the best: self praise, the importance of participation and self-acceptance.

P.S.: Thor says “Hi!” and “Where are my treats?”


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