Demography, Higher Education & The Economy.

In 15 years of higher education, professional experience and independent research I understand, first hand, how education is the most dangerous/leveraged economic tool to tamper with. Demographers, economists, teachers, mothers, company directors and anyone with some common sense, will corroborate the fact that uneducated masses make for derelict nations and no economic future.

In this article, Steve Murdock, Texas demographer, defended the right to cheaper higher education to immigrants. Regardless of the obvious political implications of this choice, wouldn’t you say that it is to everyone’s advantage to secure education for all? An excerpt of that article I believe paints the picture is:

An educated work force raises income levels, which generates businesses activity and increases the market for goods and services,” Murdock said. “It also increases investments for new businesses, which in turn increases tax revenues. Higher education equals higher incomes.

It is the small, value-add, tasks that each worker provides on a day-to-day basis that make all the difference for a company at the end of the year. And it is, in my humble opinion, in the hands of education to give workers the capability to invent and put value-add tasks into practice.

Education, like food, shelter and medical services would be considered by most a human right more than a priviledge. History is plagued with the disastrous consequences of restrictions to education. Noone, regardless of how rich/educated/sheltered they are, can realistically believe to ever be safe from the implications of uneducated masses.

I hope, as many of us “middle-classers” do, that education will always be made available and encouraged, in some way or another, at least half as much as television and fast food.


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